The Advantages of a Softwash Commercial Cleaning Service

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If you own a commercial business, you know the appearance of your business building matters to you, your employees, and your customers. It can also be an important feature for the location or area you are in if you have a prominent building façade that many people see on a daily business.

The Advantages of a Softwash Commercial Cleaning Service

While pressure washing has typically been the go-to method for a commercial cleaning service, these days, there is a  new and better alternative available to business owners. Soft washing is an excellent way to clean and restore your commercial building’s exterior for many reasons.

  • Safe for Many Materials – One of the things you may have noticed about pressure washing in the past is that you can’t pressure wash sensitive materials that could be damaged by the high-powered spray. When you hire a soft wash commercial cleaning service, you can rest assured that all of the materials your building is made of will be cleaned safely and without damage. This includes paint work, concrete, wood, brick, metal, and more!
  • Clean and Sanitized Facility – Another significant benefit of soft washing is its sanitizing action. When soft washing, not only are contaminants like dirt and grime removed, but odor-causing bacteria and pathogens are eliminated and pests like cockroaches are reduced over time. The result is a healthier, cleaner, and fresher-smelling environment for your customers, tenants, and you.
  • Longer-Lasting Results – A third benefit of a soft wash commercial cleaning service is that the cleaners used for softwashing include protectants that will inhibit the regrowth of mold, mildew, algae, and other unsightly grime that affects the way your business looks. That means you’ll have longer-lasting results for your business and a great return on your investment in a commercial cleaning service.

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